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Proud to be a Filipino

Some of my favorite Philippine Spots

Some of the most beautiful places in the world just happens to be in the Philippines....

Philippines' Pride RICE TERRACES, BANAWE

The world-famous majestic splendor of the RiceTerraces, was created more than 3,000 years ago by the Ifugao people. Using a few primitive tools and their bare hands the Ifugaos took into shape the Rice Terraces in Banawe. There is no easy way to see the Batad Rice Terraces as one needs to hike for around two to three hours uphill through mountain trails. But the breathtaking view of the amphitheater of terraces, steep, wooded mountains, and relatively unspoiled village life makes the trip worth it and a must.

Boracay is famous for its Powdery WHITE Sand BORACAY

Boracay has been regarded to own the best beach in the world. Experts would easily claim it is because of the long powdery white sand its turquoise colored waters. Others would reveal it's "internationalized" flavor from food, entertainment concepts and lifestyle, while others would simply conclude that it has the AURA to grant the finest way to relax and recreate what the city jungle has taken from them. For whatever reasons, people from every corner of the world tour and visit to this beautiful island for its uniqueness and tranquility . . . an escape to the hustle and bustle of the very busy city life - - - a vacationer's dream island to totally rejuvenate one's self.

Taal Volcano is surrounded by waters TAAL LAKE

Taal Lake was said to occupy a caldera of a massive ancient volcano. One mythical tale relates that a cataclysmic eruption was believed be the cause for the slopes to cave in and for water to rush in thereby forming the lake, leaving only the tip of the previous peak exposed to become the current Volcano Island.

A Famous Tourist Attraction


Puerto Azul is one of the country's tourism showcases. It has an impressive resort, and country club complex sprawling along seven coves with gray sand beaches. The resort also has a Gary Player championship golf course. Sailboats, 'bancas' and jet-skis are just a few of the seacrafts that litter the seas of this wonderful beach in Palikpikan .

Beautiful Fish and Corals are one of Philippine's Pride

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